‘And Then There Was No More’ – the Final Day of The Agatha Christie Blogathon Is Here

18 Sep

Thanks so much, everyone, for a wonderful three days! More posts will be added to this recap, so please feel free to check back soon.

Little Bits of Classics

It’s hard to believe but we have reached the last day of The Agatha Christie Blogathon which we’ve been hosting with Christina in the past three days. We’re truly happy about all the participants’ wonderful entries and want to thank you all for joining the celebration! But there’s still some fun left for today!


We’ve explored everything connected to Agatha Christie’s two most famous sleuths, Poirot and Miss Marple respectively, but what about those books, plays or films which feature none of them? We’re also very much interested in the life of the Queen of Crime. That’s why we’ve asked you to write about these things for the last day of our blogathon! Quite some posts have already arrived, but I’m going to add new ones throughout the whole day! Let the blogathon go on!


Agatha Christie Blogathon – Day 3

Works without ‘the big duo’

‘Are you happy? If not, consult Mr Parker…

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