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Eternal Sunshine of the Well-Breakfasted Author – How P.G. Wodehouse Opens a Novel

Finishing a Good Book – Like Losing a Friend

Movies As Inspiration

Reserve vs. Shyness in Jane Austen

Sneaking Into the Library: Confessions of a Library Addict

The Sound of Music: Not Just Escapism – A Defense

  • Louis May Alcott’s Little Women Thoughts

Jo March – The Universal Woman

Laurie vs. Professor Bhaer – A Debate with Andrea Lundgren

Love, But Not As We Know It

The Good Wives Recipe to Marrying Off the Wrong Couples

When the Author Gets It Wrong: Jo March and Laurie Laurence

  • Movie Adaptations of Books

Can A Movie Be Too Close to the Book?

Discussing My Fair Lady: The Ending

Movie Adaptations of Books

Movies As Inspiration

The Maltese Falcon (1929) – Dashiell Hammett, book review and comparison with the 1941 movie

The Many Manifestations of Pygmalion

The Nature of Disappointment – Even More Thoughts on Movie Adaptations of Books

The Ox-Bow Incident – Movie and Book


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