Movie Essays

  • Actors

An appreciation of Maleficent and Eleanor Audley

Does Bette Davis Ever Get Her Man? with a brief review of Kid Galahad

In Memory of Lauren Bacall: 1924-2014

  • Misc.

Bing, Fred, and Katharine – Doing What They Do Best

Dorothy Lamour and the History of the Sarong Around the World

Intermission, please! or are we done yet?

Movie Footage Taken in 1902 and About the Electric Trolley

On the use of handwritten notes in old movies, and my quest to decipher them in an age of print

Political Incorrectness, The Iliad, Gone With the Wind, Roger Ebert, and Propaganda

Propaganda in American Films During WWII: and a brief review of Five Came Back (2014) by Mark Harris

Scattered Thoughts on the Desolation of Smaug and Tauriel

Seeing Double Indemnity on the Big Screen

Singing, Acting and Les Miserables

The First Movie You Saw in Theaters and Reap the Wild Wind (1942)

The Lady Eve: The Jokes on Her

The Sound of Music: Not Just Escapism – A Defense

What Does Kathie Moffat Want?

When You Don’t Like a Great Classic Film and Introducing Others to Classic Movies

Willis O’Brien and Stop Motion Animation

  • Movie Adaptations of Books

Can A Movie Be Too Close to the Book?

Discussing My Fair Lady: The Ending

Movie Adaptations of Books

Movies As Inspiration

The Maltese Falcon (1929) – Dashiell Hammett, book review and comparison with the 1941 movie

The Many Manifestations of Pygmalion

The Nature of Disappointment – Even More Thoughts on Movie Adaptations of Books


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