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New Movie Index…and Random Question: Are More Bloggers Cat People or Dog People?

I had all sorts of plans for this week of posts, but as sometimes happens, my week became unexpectedly filled with other things and my posts got left in the dust. However, I did want to announce that at the very good suggestion of Animation Commendation I have created a somewhat idiosyncratic Movie Index. It can be found at the top of my blog, next to the About Me tab and contains a complete list of all my movie reviews. I apologize for any shortcomings or confusion and I welcome any suggestions. I have listed several movies multiple times, if I thought they fit under several genres, like Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein: it is under both the comedy and horror headings.

I have not created an index for my book reviews or music posts, but those will probably be appearing sometime in the comings months…I hope.

As a totally random aside, it has been my impression that blogging and being a cat lover seems to go together, almost like bacon and eggs. Is this really so? Is there something about the temperament of a blogger that makes you more of a cat lover? Do cat lovers simply talk about their love more than dog lovers? What is the truth?

I am curious because I have recently adopted a cat – Lady Eve – and have suddenly had the desire to write about her, take her picture and generally notice every time I see a cat, read about one, or see one in a movie (I was recently traumatized by watching Hangover Square with Laird Cregar and the cat died – I still haven’t gotten over it. Conversely, I spent the entire time movie, Alien, praying that the cat would live, which he did. That constitutes a happy ending!). So I thought I would take a poll: cat person or dog person?


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