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Characters in Costume Blogfest: A Masterlist

x-men-3Critca Retro Laughter, guilt and taboo: A brief history of dressing in drag at the movies

In The Good Old Days of Classic HollywodHush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964), and Whater Happened to Baby Jane (1962) Costumes 

Prince of Hollywood – Cinema’s First Swashbuckling Hero

Little Bits of Classics –  The Costume of the Little Tramp – A Moment of Inspiration or a Huge Theft?

Literature and Lamp Posts – Grendal from Beowulf

The Wonderful World of Cinema – Irene Sharaff’s Costumes for The King and I 

The Flapper Dame – Grace Kelly and Edith Head

Into the Writerlea – Describing Memorable Characters: Elizabeth Bennett

Into the Writer Lea – Describing Memorable Characters: Anna Karenina

Into the Writer Lea – Describing a Memorable Character: Miss Havisham 

FictionFan’s Book Reviews – A Few Good Men 

Old Hollywood Films – The Costume of the Wicked Witch of the West

Silent-Ology – John Barrymore’s Amazing Transformation in “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

Christina Wehner – Dorothy Lamour and the History of the Sarong Around the World

Love Letters to Old Hollywood – The Fashion of Fred and Ginger’s Characters

Cinematic Scribblings – Cabiria, Inside and Out: Nights of Cabiria (1957)

The Costume Vault – Disney’s Cinderella(s) and the evolution of the “princess” aesthetics

Realweegiemidget Reviews – 4 (Un)Deadly Dracula Reawakenings

Lifesdailylessonsblog – Outlander Costumes: From Fiction to Film – Designer Terry Dresbach

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies – Costume Dramas of Golden Hollywood


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“The Characters in Costume Blogfest” Begins Next Friday!

lotr-6Andrea Lundgren – of Into the Writerlea – and I are so excited for next week and the Characters in Costume Blogfest: Fiction and Film. Our tag is:

“Appearance, Accuracy, Description, Makeup, Casting, Costumes & More.”

Beginning next Friday, October 28th-30th, it is focused on characters both in film and fiction. How they look, how authors describe them, how they are costumed, how they are transferred from the page to screen. In short, what goes into creating the appearance of a character through words or on screen.

The original announcement with the sign-up link can be found here.

There is still plenty of time to sign-up. The sign-up never closes…at least not until the blogfest is completely over. 🙂

Andrea Lundgren has already made a beginning by writing this thought-provoking article about how Cinderella’s stepsisters are presented in fiction and film. It is called “Cinderella’s Stepsisters: Ugly or Mislabeled?”

Can’t wait to hear from everyone next week!


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The Agatha Christie Blogathon

AgathaChristieThe Agatha Christie Blogathon has arrived!

At end of each day of the blogathon, Little Bits of Classics and I are going to post a recap of the day’s posts. Today is Hercule Poirot’s day, tomorrow is for Miss Marple, and Sunday is dedicated to everything else Agatha Christie relate.

If you submit your post a day or two early, that’s no problem at all. We will include it in the recap on the day of your chosen topic. Or if you need to post a little late, we can always include it in the next day’s recap.

Let the murder and mayhem and mystery begin! 🙂


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